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Black Rock NRZ Meeting Provides Black Rock Train Station Update

Attached are an updated agenda and the minutes of the October 26, 2009 meeting.  The agenda updates are:   Mark Barnhart, Director of Community & Economic Development for the Town of Fairfield, will discuss the new train station project (Fairfield Metro Center) that will be located at the end of Black Rock Turnpike.  The Black Rock Garden Club’s proposal to add a Patio to the Black Rock Library A brief talk on the importance of the 2010 Census

The next meeting of the Board of Directors and Friends of the Black Rock NRZ will be:

Black Rock NRZ Board Meeting

The next meeting of the Black Rock NRZ Board will be on Monday, September 21, 2009  at Cathedral of Faith Church at 2319 Fairfield Avenue  at 7:00 pm,  Attached are an Agenda for the meeting and the Minutes of the Meeting of June 22, 2009   Please note:  The Black Rock NRZ Board meetings are open to the public.  A summary of the Black Rock NRZ activities will be given.  Also, Scott Hughes will discuss the Library Referendum that will be on the November ballot.

Black Rock NRZ Strategic Plan

Black Rock NRZ - Final Plan

Attached is the final version of the strategic plan adopted by the Black Rock NRZ (Neighborhood Revitalization Zone).   Please note that this is a long report with full color pages and will require a lot of paper, time, and ink, if you decide to print it.  I recommend downloading it and reading it from your computer.  You can print out individual pages of interest to you. 

Nominate Yourself or Others for Black Rock NRZ Planning Committee


The nominating committee of the Black Rock NRZ is looking for 21 good women and men to participate in a short term committee to develop a plan for land use and quality of life issues for Black Rock
over the next 10 years.

We are trying to reach as many residents or businesspeople as possible to inform them about the NRZ planning committee nominations. All nominations must be received by May 7.

NRZ Bylaws Draft

The draft of the NRZ bylaws will be voted on April 30 by the Planning Committee.  Please feel free to make comments, the Planning Committee would like to hear your thoughts.

Black Rock Neighborhood Revitalization Zone


Planning Committee






Article I


Section 1.  Name


Minutes of Black Rock NRZ Communications & Outreach Committee on 2/22/07

Black Rock NRZ Outreach and Communications Committee


Meeting Minutes


February 22, 2007


Attendees: Tom Corso, AMS Consulting; Larry King, AMS Consulting; Tony Ferrantello; Gail Robinson; Patricia Scott; Kaye Williams; Phillip Young
Absent: Beverly Balaz

Motion to Amend NRZ Text

NRZ Land Use Cooperation Agreement


Black Rock NRZ First Session

The initial meeting of the Black Rock Neighborhood Revitalization Zone (NRZ) was held January 29th at St. Ann’s Church located on Brewster Street in the Black Rock neighborhood of Bridgeport, CT.


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