Before and After Photos of St. Mary's

The City's version of a "beach clean up" is a little different from the ones organized each year by the Ash Creek Conservation Association.  Heavy equipment was brought in by the City, last Friday, June 24, around 8 AM to cut a 80 foot wide and 300 foot long swath through a recent habitat remediation required by a DEP permit.  The City moved sand and tens of thousands of beach grass plugs that had been hand planted by volunteers and paid for by the Town of Fairfield.   They replanted about two dozen plants and left the rest in a large sand pile at the end of the spit.  The controversy generated over this had a lot of coverage, so we will just provide links to the media coverage.  Note the BEFORE and AFTER pictures above (photo credit to Alpar Erkan).  BEFORE photo was taken September 2010 and AFTER picture was taken after the City's "clean up."