Ash Creek Pedestrian and Bike Bridge to Be Completed 2019


The pedestrian and bike bridge over Ash Creek will connect Black Rock with the Fairfield Metro train station.  The 160 foot bridge will double the number of residents who will be with in a half-mile walk of the station.  A 650 foot creek trail will serve as a greenway to connect pedestrians and bicycle riders from Fox Street to Morehouse Street as well as Davidson Street.  This project will improve the surrounding area with planting of trees along Fox Street and Canfield Avenue (up to Fairfield Avenue).  These benefits should generate new economic opportunity for business owners along the Fairfield Avenue corridor and enhance property values near the bridge crossing.


This construction of the project will be 100% funded by a $3.8 million LOTCIP grant from the State Department of Transportation, with the design being paid for with City capital funds. The project will advance both State and City goals of creating communities with enhanced transportation options, both to reduce congestion and to promote the attraction and retention of businesses in the knowledge economy. There will be a series of public meetings to determine the design and other aspects of the project, with construction forecast to begin in early 2018 and completion in 2019.