Black Rock Featured in New York Times

The Black Rock section of Bridgeport was featured in the Real Estate Section of the New York Times on Sunday, December 25, 2016.  This time the NYT used the boundaries as defined by the NRZ to delineate Black Rock from the rest of Bridgeport.  This means that Black Rock ends at I-95 and right after Captain's Cove.  The article described a dense, walkable neighborhood with a down-to-earth niche of diverse, community-minded residents.  The Black Rock Farmers Market was mentioned.   The market is open on Saturdays from June through October, and has expanded to include artists and music.  It stated that Black Rock is the highest priced section of Bridgeport.  Our two yacht clubs were mentioned - the Black Rock Yacht Club and Fayerweather Yacht Club.  St. Mary's-by-the-Sea park with walkways along the shoreline as cited as "its crowning feature".  It also mentions that the Fairfield Metro train station on Metro-North's New Haven line is on the Black Rock border.  A planned pedestrian bridge will make access easier for pedestrians.  

"The lively tavern scene on Fairfield Avenue reflects Black Rock's free-spiritedness, but the overarching atmosphere is one of a close-knit community."  It mentioned Harborview Market as a hub for locals with large communal table and art work as well as live music on the weekends.  The commute was cited as 75 to 90 minutes from Fairfield Metro station to Grand Central terminal with a monthly pass costing $388.  Some of the history of Black Rock was mentioned with the Fayerweather Lighthouse and our Historic District of homes near the harbor.

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Living in Black Rock - New York Times