Black Rock Library - Dr. Long on Latin Bookhands

November 9th
7:00 PM
Black Rock Branch


Latin Bookhands from the Lapi Niger to the Printing Press an illustrated lecture by Professor R. James Long

Join Fairfield University Professor of Philosphy R. James Long for a fasinating look at the history of the formation of letters used in books (called”‘bookhands”) from the beginning of Latin writing (8th century BCE) to the printing of the Gutenberg bible (1454), with an emphasis on the light it sheds on the two millennia for which Latin was the language of cultural transmission.

The lecture will be illustrated by slides taken from the manuscript collection of the Vatican Library.

Dr. Long has published seven books, including The Life and Works of Richard Fishacre, O.P., Prolegomena to the Edition of his Commentary on the “Sentences”, published in 1999, and editions of parts one and two of the second book of Fishacre’s Sentences Commentary. Long had also authored more than 60 articles on medieval philosophy and has been the recipient of numerous academic awards.

Dr. Long received a licentiate in medieval studies from the Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies and earned his doctorate from the University of Toronto.