Fairfield Metro Station is Open

Regular train service began from the Fairfield Metro Station on Monday, December 5.  According to the MTA website thisis the first new main line station in Fairfield County on the New Haven Line in more than a century. 

 Amenities of the ADA-accessible station include:

  • A surface lot parking facility that will have approximately 1,400 spaces. (The Connecticut Department of Transportation owns the station and will have a property management firm maintain the entire facility, including the parking lot.)  There should be ample day parking.  If you are a regular commuter, contact the Town of Fairfield to get on the waiting list for a parking sticker.  At last count, there were 1,000 on the waiting list.
  • High-level (inbound and outbound) platforms which can accommodate up to 12 rail cars, which means you don't have to walk through cars to get to the one you want.
  • Two convenient full service ticket machines (one machine situated at the bottom of the overpass on each platform).
  • Full-length canopies on both the inbound and outbound platforms, which also feature benches and fully enclosed platform shelters.
  • An enclosed pedestrian overpass for easy passage between platforms; elevators are provided on both platforms.

Unfortunately there are no rest rooms, not even temporary ones and there are no plans to have any restrooms until the concourse building is built.

Every train that stops at Fairfield also will stop at Fairfield Metro; both stations are in the same fare zone. In fact, customers traveling to/from Fairfield Metro Station should use a Fairfield Station ticket until Jan. 2, 2012, at which time Fairfield Metro tickets will become available at ticket machines and ticket offices. Customers who plan to travel regularly to and from Fairfield Metro Station should consider signing up for MTA's ticket-by-mail program, Mail & Ride.

Beginning in January there will be bus service (provided by Greater Bridgeport Transit). Taxi service will be available at the station.   For your GPS system, the station address is 61 Constant Comment Way, Fairfield, Connecticut. MTA does not have a mobile app for their train schedule, unfortunately, and but we found a third-party app that has the Fairfield Metro schedule on it.  Type in "Brayne Tranz: Metro North" on Apple's app store.  It's worth the $2.99 cost as the app is very convenient (please go to Settings on the app and apply the update to get the Fairfield Metro station added).  It works on iPhones, iPads, and iPods.  See http://braynesoft.com/index.php for more info.

The fares are the same as Fairfield's other stations at $308 monthly, $13 one way peak ($19 if purchased onboard), $10.75 one way off peak ($16 if purchased on board), $7 for senior or disabled citizens ($7 if purchased onboard).

There are 37 trains to New York City each day from the Fairfield Metro station and 30 on the weekends.  Most of the trains also stop at Stamford, but there are some Express trains that only stop at East Norwalk and one that only stops at Fairfield (7:22 AM, arrive in Grand Central at 8:35 AM).  The fastest trip from Metro North to Grand Central is 1 hour and 10 minutes and the longest was 1 hour and 26 minutes.

For a complete and updated schedule visit http://www.mta.info/schedules   The morning peak weekday train schedule from Fairfield Metro to Grand Central is provided below: 

Departure          Arrival

4:37 AM             5:47 AM

5:07 AM             6:23 AM

5:37 AM             6:47 AM

5:52 AM             7:12 AM

6:05 AM             7:16 AM

6:21 AM             7:39 AM

6:40 AM             7:54 AM   Express from East Norwalk to NY, does not stop in Stamford

6:50 AM             8:06 AM

7:03 AM             8:24 AM   Express from East Norwalk to NY, does not stop in Stamford

7:16 AM             8:42 AM

7: 22 AM            8:35 AM   Express from Fairfield to NY, does not stop in Stamford

7:42 AM             9:02 AM

8:14 AM             9:33 AM

8:22 AM             9:47 AM

Photo Credit:  Stephanie Barnes