Fox Street Pedestrian Bridge - March 6th Update

On March 6th, an outreach meeting was held for the community at the Burroughs Community Center hosted by State Representative Auden Grogins, David Kooris of the City of Bridgeport Planning & Development, and The Greater Bridgeport Regional Council for Transportation.  Benesch Consulting and their consulting partners, presented an update of the feasibility study for the potential pedestrian bridge at Fox Street.  They have also considered two other scenarios: (1) continue to use the Brewster Street bridge or (2) a much more expensive and longer bridge at the end of Davidson Street.  The value of a pedestrian bridge for Black Rock is the economic development that it could bring in the future.  Even if plans are approved for the bridge, the actual completion of the bridge and accompanying streetscape improvements is several years away.  Representative Auden Grogins estimated that we would start to see changes along Fairfield Avenue beginning in 2016.

State Representative Auden Grogins put these improvements into perspective as part of a large effort to improve the facades, sidewalks, crosswalks, lighting, and landscaping along the Fairfield Avenue corridor to attract economic development.  $500,000 has already been funded and additional grants have been applied for from the state.  The cost of the pedestrian bridge if approved at the Fox Street location is likely to be between $3.4-$4.29 million.  This includes not just the bridge itself, but streetscape improvements from Fairfield Avenue to the pedestrian bridge, a small park at the end of Fox Street with benches, streetscape improvements where Canfield Avenue intersects with Fox Street, and a walking trail along the shoreline to Davidson Street (with public access areas at the end of Davidson Street and Morehouse Street).  There will also be environmental plantings for the areas disturbed by the construction.

The public reaction to the Fox Street bridge was overwhelmingly positive.  State Representative Auden Grogins promised more opportunities for public input as the project moves forward to the design phase.  The next step is to obtain funding for the design and construction of the bridge. To view the slides from this presentation, please visit 


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