iPhone App Includes Fairfield Metro Station

Brayne Tranz iPhone app

There is only one iPhone app so far that has included the Metro North train schedule for the new Fairfield Metro Station.  I tested it out and it works fine.  MTA does not have a mobile app for their train schedule, unfortunately, and so riders are forced to use third-party apps. Type in "Brayne Tranz: Metro North" on Apple's app store. It's worth the $2.99 cost as the app is very convenient (please go to Settings on the app and apply the update to get the Fairfield Metro station added). It works on iPhones, iPads, and iPods. See http://braynesoft.com/index.php for more info.


For those who might want a reliable free app with the Black Rock station (aka Fairfield Metro) added, type in "Pandav" at the App store and pick "Ride Metro North". As I said, it's free and it's very easy to use.