Power Restored to Most of Black Rock

While many communities still deal with tremendous power outages, electricity has been restored to most homes and businesses in Black Rock. 

As a safety precaution, I'm not going to post the addresses or streets without electricity as planned.  Instead, my recommendation is to call UI every day that you are without power and leave a message so that they are aware.  The phone number to report an outage at UI is 203-499-3333 or 1-800-722-5584. 


If you see suspicious activity, call the Bridgeport Police on their non-emergency line at 203-576-7671.  In an emergency, of course, call 911.  Also contact your Block Watch Captain.  Block Watch information is available on the Black Rock Community Councilwebsite.




However, just to make sure that no street or home is overlooked, please let me know if you or someone you know does not have power.  Please be very specific with addresses, I'll be glad to forward an e-mail to our City Councilpersons Sue Brannelly and Marty McCarthy, but I will not be publishing them for public safety reasons.  You can also e-mail them directly at:




Sue Brannelly  susan.brannelly@bridgeportct.gov




Marty McCarthy  martincmccarthy@gmail.com




If you have power, please reach out to your neighbors who don't have power at this time and offer to let them take a shower, do laundry, recharge their cell phones, etc.  Although most of Black Rock has power, there are still a few homes without electricity.  










When the electricity is out, the best way for me to communicate with you is via Twitter.  My iPhone allows me to broadcast information to those who follow my Tweets.  Sign up today to follow my Tweets at: 








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