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The City of Bridgeport’s REVERSE 911 (R911) system is a computer-based program that can send emergency messages using a combination of database and Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping technologies. The system can quickly target a precise geographic area and saturate it with thousands of calls.  Reverse 911 offers a variety of options that allow the Police, Fire, and Health Departments to custom-build a notification system to meet the exact needs of the community.

REVERSE 911 can be used for many situations to include:

•   Emergency evacuations

•   Missing person alerts

•   Natural disaster alerts

•   Hazardous material leaks

•   Crime alerts and prevention information

•   Neighborhood emergency situations

•   Sexual predator notifications

•   Homeland security alerts

The REVERSE 911 currently contains only published telephone numbers. Citizens who have unlisted or unpublished telephone numbers will not be contacted.  If you have an unpublished telephone number and want to be contacted in the event of an emergency please fill out the attached registration form.  (There is currently no way to register online.)

**If you do not want to be called and have a published telephone number please select REMOVE on the first question of the form.

NOTE:  You must be a Bridgeport resident to be added.

NOTE:  REVERSE 911 will not work with telephone lines that have call screening features.  For example, if your telephone line requires an individual to identify themselves through a recorded message before the call is accepted, the REVERSE 911 system will not work.  The system is designed to play the recorded message upon voice activation, such as an answering machine recording or a person saying “hello.”

















See back side of this form for registration

Bridgeport Emergency Operations Center

Reverse 911 Registration

581 North Washington Avenue

Bridgeport, CT  06604

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