Update on 340-344 Brewster Street by Black Rock Historic Preservation Association

The judge has decided! We received this order from Superior Court on 12/12/2011 by Judge Bellis: “In accordance with the agreement entered by the parties, judgment may enter in favor of the plaintiff, thereby rendering the certificate of appropriateness granted by the Historic Commission No. 1 of Bridgeport on 5/5/09 with respect to the property located at 340-344 Brewster Street, Bridgeport null and void. Said judgment is issued without fees or costs.” This judgment gives the Black Rock and Black Rock Historic Preservation Association the opportunity to have a strong voice in influencing what will happen to the property. Frank has already had a discussion along these lines with William Minor, the City of Bridgeport's Land Use and Construction Review Director, and plans to set up a meeting with Don Eversley, head of Planning and Economic Development and our two Council persons. This judgement would not have happened without your support; it would not have happened without those who came to so many Historic District Commission meetings, without your research and study and photographing, and promotion, and financial contributions. It would not have happened without the unwavering backing of the Black Rock Homeowners Association and help from members of the Black Rock Community Council, and the NRZ. You, Black Rocker’s, have set another precedent for a strong neighborhood influence as to what happens in our neighborhood. Thank you! We’ll keep you posted as we assemble some options for working with Brewster Street Partners to restore the blighted house as quickly as possible. We appreciate your patience. Frank and Susie Basler For the Black Rock Historic Preservation Association