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Black Rock will be benefiting from commercial, state, federal, and charitable development money pouring into our small area. The area south of Fairfield Avenue and west of Ellsworth Street has always been the highest value area of Black Rock, but with so much development taking place north of Fairfield Avenue and east of Ellsworth Street, we may actually see a greater rise in value in these areas than the higher priced areas as they have more opportunity for appreciation.

THE TRAIN STATION EFFECT Studies have shown that a new train station can boost prices between 14-18% within a mile radius of the station.

THE WHOLE FOODS EFFECT A 2007 study in Portland, Oregon found that property values typically go up by about 17.5% percent if you live near a Whole Foods store. The impact of all the developments together is actually called the "Whole Foods Effect" according to urban planners. The process of gentrification of an area starts with one anchor store, such as Whole Foods, which attracts other high end stores.

AND MORE... In addition to the new train station and the Whole Foods store, there are other developments that will give a lift to areas to the east of Ellsworth Street. Let's take a closer look at these new, exciting developments that benefit Black Rock:

WHOLE FOODS Whole Foods opened one of its largest stores on June 3, 2011 just across the border from Black Rock in Fairfield. The 45,000 SF store has features that many of the smaller stores lack, including freshly made mozzarella from Friday through Sunday each week, computer screens to obtain recipes online, free WiFi in the cafe area, and cooking demonstrations. Whole Foods is noted for its wide variety of organic and specialty foods.


A one mile radius (shown above) around the new train station includes most of Black Rock. The new train station (officially called the Fairfield Metro Station, but referred to as the Black Rock Train Station by the public) near B.J.'s is on schedule to open in October 2011. The station will have 1,500 parking spaces. This station may be an express stop for Grand Central Station and Stamford (no official word on this yet). A pedestrian bridge may also be in the planning stages from Fox Street to the new train station, which would provide easy access for Black Rock residents. Eventually there will a hotel/retail/office complex called Fairfield Metro on the site. Original plans called for a Hilton Hotel and upscale retail stores.

SMILOW-BURROUGHS CLUBHOUSE The Smilow-Burroughs Clubhouse is a 23,000 SF building featuring a nearly 8,000 SF gymnasium that will have seating for 250, a teen center, game room, arts and science center, technology center, community room, two learning centers, a café and kitchen, and a multi-purpose room for dances, fitness and yoga programs. Boys & Girls Clubs of America programs focus on five areas including education and career development, character and leadership development, the arts, health and life skills, and sports, fitness and recreation. The Clubhouse was built entirely with private funds at a cost of $6.7M. It opened in June 2011.

ALBION STREET MEDICAL COMPLEX The first phase of Albion Street medical/housing complex is expected to be completed in the Fall of 2011. The complex will be located on a 1.16 acre lot between the Stop & Shop center and Captain's Cove. There will be 35 two-bedroom apartments as well as a dental center and a medical center. The 19,000 SF medical center will house Southwest Community Health Center's medical, behavioral, and administrative functions.

CAL RIPKEN YOUTH DEVELOPMENT PARK The Cal Ripken Senior Foundation will create a 55,000 SF Youth Development Park estimated to cost $1.5 million. The state is providing some of the money through a grant from the bonding process. The field will have a synthetic, multi-purpose (AstroTurf) surface that will be used for softball, soccer, lacrosse, and by the Black Rock Little League. Construction is expected to begin in the fall with the opening scheduled for the Spring of 2012.


$500,000 Ellsworth Field improvements to benefit the Black Rock Little League were completed in Spring 2011.




For more information on homes for sale or rent in Black Rock visit www.gailrobinson.listingbook.com

Feel free to print out the attached flyer on Black Rock Developments.


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