Who Visited This Blog in 2010?

Over 48,000 visitors have come to this site since its inception in February 2006.  We used Google Analytics to find out how people find us and who visits this site.  The results are somewhat surprising.  Did you know that 13% of the visitors to this site are from New York

42% find us through a search on Google, although our Black Rock Facebook Fan page is bringing 14% of the visitors?  Social media is becoming increasingly important for increasing website traffic.

Visitors come from all over the world thanks to the worldwide reach of the Internet.  They also come from all over the U.S., but most are from Connecticut, as you might expect.  The dots on the map of Connecticut show the towns that visitors come from. 

52% of our visitors find us through an Internet search, 16% come to our site directly, and 32% come through clicking on a link from another site.  

Hard to believe that a blog about the Black Rock community in Connecticut can bring so much traffic from so many different areas.  Black Rock Online had an average of 43 visitors a day in 2010, up 55% from 2009 (28 visitors/day).