Fairfield Metro Station is Open

Regular train service began from the Fairfield Metro Station on Monday, December 5.  According to the MTA website thisis the first new main line station in Fairfield County on the New Haven Line in more than a century. 

 Amenities of the ADA-accessible station include:

Black Rock to Seaside Park Bike Route

Bike Route Black Rock to Seaside Park

A nearly five-mile long bike route is being created to link Black Rock with Seaside Park.   Work is under way on the route, which begins at Fairfield Avenue and Gilman, runs along the water and through Black Rock to Park Avenue, ending at Seaside Park. “ This route will link two of our city’s most scenic areas, providing a safer area for bicyclists to traverse the city,” said Mayor Bill Finch.

Update on Black Rock

black rock ct

Black Rock will be benefiting from commercial, state, federal, and charitable development money pouring into our small area. The area south of Fairfield Avenue and west of Ellsworth Street has always been the highest value area of Black Rock, but with so much development taking place north of Fairfield Avenue and east of Ellsworth Street, we may actually see a greater rise in value in these areas than the higher priced areas as they have more opportunity for appreciation.

Living in the Black Rock Garden Cooperatives in Black Rock

black rock ct


Fine Architectural Design in the Heart of Black Rock CT

What are the Black Rock Garden Cooperatives?

ACCA Launches New Website

Who Visited This Blog in 2010?

Over 48,000 visitors have come to this site since its inception in February 2006.  We used Google Analytics to find out how people find us and who visits this site.  The results are somewhat surprising.  Did you know that 13% of the visitors to this site are from New York

Osprey Mate Arrives

Osprey mate arrived this morning (March 29, 2011)... ahhhh nest building  this am both OSPREY's busy, come see Ash Creek Osprey Platform on Great Marsh Island.  Jean Layton

First Osprey of Spring Arrives

Always on time ,"OUR OSPREY" arrived 3/28/11 and is guarding its platform and sitting patiently awaiting its mate... uncertain if male or female, but very white breast.................. ahhh Spring 2011.   Jean Layton

Ash Creek Bird Watching Update

Yellow-crowned Night-Heron  Hi.... Fall has arrived with today's 11/15th three dozen American Wigeon's..and yesterdays Mergansers both Red Breasted and  Hooded... the pair of Swans often visit with their "teenager' ..& ..past two days the frantic feeding of Sparrows has ceased ? why? maybe snow is on its way?


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