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Summer in Black Rock Connecticut

Photo taken at Fayerweather Yacht Club by Gail Robinson, All Rights Reserved

Black Rock Library - April 2013 Events

Tuesdays, 6:30 - 7:30 PM, The Black Rock Branch Library, 2705 Fairfield Avenue presents: Free Computer Classes for Beginners. The Black Rock Branch Library announces a series of free computer classes designed for beginners. All classes begin at 6:30 PM or and will last approximately 1 hour. Space is limited so register for one or more classes now. Call: 203 576-7025


Hurricane Sandy - Grovers Avenue

This two family home on Grovers Avenue was badly destroyed when a tree between the sidewalk and the street fell on their home.  A family from the UK had just purchased the home and are new to the area.  What a welcome to Black Rock! 

Hurricane Sandy - Hilltop Road

Trees and lines down on Hilltop Road in several places.  A tree limb speared the roof of a home on Pearsall Place at 9:30 pm on Monday evening during the storm.  The family had just moved to a lower level at 7:30 pm when the lights went out or they would have been in the room where the limb came in and lodged in the floor next to their sofa where they had been watching television.

Hurricane Sandy - Gilman Street

Trees and wires down on Gilman Street.

Preparing for Hurricane Sandy in Black Rock, CT

It is our hope that Hurricane Sandy turns out to sea and none of these preparations are necessary.  However, it was only one year ago that we dealt with the wrath of Tropical Storm Irene, and even though that storm wasn't a hurricane, it caused flooding and loss of electricity in our community as well as damage to structures and boats.  A battery powered radio is one of your best friends in a storm, buy one now before they run out.  You'll also want to stock up ahead of time on food, water, and ice and be prepared to transfer your food to an ice packed cooler when the electricity goes out.

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