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Batten Down the Hatches for Irene

Irene is headed up the East Coast and its path is now just west of Bridgeport. Fairfield has ordered evaculations of the Fairfield Beach area tomorrow by 4 PM. If you live in Black Rock near the water consider moving inland as the storm is likely to hit at high tide on Sunday morning around 11 AM. This means not only a storm surge, but a storm tide (combination of storm surge and high tide), which can cause flooding beyond normal flood plain areas.

Vines & Vignettes Save the Date

Tickets go on sale in September for the Fall Garden Event at Vines & Vignettes from October 8-9, 2011 and for the Preview Gala on October 7, 2011.  More information at

Black Rock Library Theater Improv for Teens

take the stagePart 1 - Tuesday, August 2nd
Part 2 - Tuesday, August 9th

Martial Arts Programs Now Offered at St. Ann's Gymnasium

The Center Martial Arts is currently offering programs at St. Ann Parish Gymnasium at 481 Brewster St in Black Rock. Come by and visit them and they will get you started. Training in martial arts is a great way to get fit, decrease stress and learn self defense.  They look forward to seeing you on the mat.


Qigong Returns to Seabright Beach in Black Rock

Reduce STRESS, Improve BALANCE, Enhance MENTAL ACUITY, Tone MUSCLES, Increase FLEXIBILITY and learn to RELAX while bringing ener-qi into your life!

Update on Black Rock

black rock ct

Black Rock will be benefiting from commercial, state, federal, and charitable development money pouring into our small area. The area south of Fairfield Avenue and west of Ellsworth Street has always been the highest value area of Black Rock, but with so much development taking place north of Fairfield Avenue and east of Ellsworth Street, we may actually see a greater rise in value in these areas than the higher priced areas as they have more opportunity for appreciation.

Black Rock Winners in Best of Fairfield County Weekly Vol. II

The rest of the Black Rock CT winners for Best of Fairfield County for 2011 appeared in Volume II of the Fairfield County Weekly, published on May 12, 2011.  Congratulations to:

#1  Framemakers Picture Framing & Art Gallery, 3142 Fairfield Avenue

Black Rock NRZ Meeting Provides Black Rock Train Station Update

Attached are an updated agenda and the minutes of the October 26, 2009 meeting.  The agenda updates are:   Mark Barnhart, Director of Community & Economic Development for the Town of Fairfield, will discuss the new train station project (Fairfield Metro Center) that will be located at the end of Black Rock Turnpike.  The Black Rock Garden Club’s proposal to add a Patio to the Black Rock Library A brief talk on the importance of the 2010 Census

The next meeting of the Board of Directors and Friends of the Black Rock NRZ will be:

Black Rock NRZ Strategic Plan

Black Rock NRZ - Final Plan

Attached is the final version of the strategic plan adopted by the Black Rock NRZ (Neighborhood Revitalization Zone).   Please note that this is a long report with full color pages and will require a lot of paper, time, and ink, if you decide to print it.  I recommend downloading it and reading it from your computer.  You can print out individual pages of interest to you. 


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