Black Rock Yacht Club Update

Black Rock Yacht Club

The Black Rock Yacht Club suffered significant damage during the storm and has cancelled all scheduled functions.  The tennis courts are open and members can use the Fayerweather Yacht Club launch to reach their boats, but the dining room and bar are closed.  The swimming pool is also not expected to be reopened this season.  The Milford Yacht Club has extended dining privileges to the Black Rock Yacht Club.

Batten Down the Hatches for Irene

Irene is headed up the East Coast and its path is now just west of Bridgeport. Fairfield has ordered evaculations of the Fairfield Beach area tomorrow by 4 PM. If you live in Black Rock near the water consider moving inland as the storm is likely to hit at high tide on Sunday morning around 11 AM. This means not only a storm surge, but a storm tide (combination of storm surge and high tide), which can cause flooding beyond normal flood plain areas.

Black Rock Library Theater Improv for Teens

take the stagePart 1 - Tuesday, August 2nd
Part 2 - Tuesday, August 9th
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