Fox Street Pedestrian Bridge

Update on Fox Street Pedestrian Bridge

Since 2012, the Office of Planning and Economic Development (OPED) has been working to develop and implement plans to build a pedestrian footbridge connecting Fox Street to the Fairfield Metro train station. Creating transit-oriented residential areas is a key component in attracting young professionals to Black Rock – benefitting local restaurants and shops with more foot traffic.

Fox Street Pedestrian Bridge - February 2013 Update

The first meeting of a Stakeholder Information Session on the Ash Creek Pedestrian Bridge Feasibility Study was held on February 5, 2013.  The Ash Creek Street pedestrian bridge would be an exciting development as it would create a more direct access to the train station from the southwestern section of Black Rock.  The Fairfield Metro train station would be within walking distance for many more Black Rockers as they could cross Ash Creek, ideally at the end of Fox Street, although there are two other options in the study.   

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